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View from the Saddle: Ride Along 5th Street

By Aaron Wedra

A bike ride along 5th Street between downtown and Pole Line is way more interesting than in sounds. I must have done it 1,000+ times in my years in Davis and always just rush through it.

However I finally am taking it slower and trying to see what is really there. How bout the Davis Community Gardens. I finally stopped to walk through them (not over them JK). Overall, super nice and charming. But I wonder, (and I know there's the phone number on the sign I could call) how do you get a garden space? What was the original intention of having this community asset? How long have they been around?

Also, there is a seemingly new business next to some of the City buildings. Anyone heard of Green Venus? They seem like a cool company to do with plant breeding and innovation (non-GMO at that). I wonder if they're partnering with any Davis businesses like the Davis Food Co-op, or Mars Wrigley, or what have you.

Finally, since gas is on everyone's mind, I spent a bit of time reading all of the signs and information I could find at the City gas pump at 1717 Fifth Street. One thing that I'm impressed with is that every City vehicle that gets gas has a stringent process for verifying their identity and keeping track of miles. But you know it had never even dawned on me that the City has its own pumps. Does this mean I'll never see a city vehicle causing a line at the gas station?

Cool stuff! Oh, and is that what an artichoke looks like when it's not eaten first? Haha!

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