Bike Garage    

FREE Bike Repair, Used
Bikes for Sale and Education 

1500 Cannery Ave., Davis
@ Cannery east of the Barn


1st & Hays St., Woodland
by Douglas Middle School


Wednesdays 9AM–noon
Saturdays 9AM–noon

Wednesday hours

change in August and June 

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Come to the Bike Garage where our volunteer mechanics will repair your bike. We accept cash, Venmo and Paypal donations. 


Interested in becoming a volunteer bike mechanic? No experience is necessary. We'll teach you how. 

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For more tips see the League of American Bicyclists' educational videos. 


A: AIR If your tires give a bit when you press with your thumb, they need some air.

B: BRAKES When you squeeze your brakes hard, you should still be able to fit your thumb between the brake levers and the handlebars. Check that your brake pads aren’t worn out – if they are, replace them.

C: CHAIN, CRANK, CASSETTE Make sure your chain is running smoothly – lightly oiled and free of rust and gunk – by spinning it backwards a few revolutions.

QUICK RELEASE If your bike has quick release wheels, make sure the release levers are securely closed.

CHECK As you start to ride, listen for any rubbing, grinding or clicking noises that might indicate something isn’t working correctly.

If something isn’t working properly, fix what you can and take any additional adjustments to your local bike shop. Schedule a regular tune-up for your bike.

Used Bikes For Sale
Lowest prices on the best used bikes. Our inventory changes every day!   

Hybrid Bikes & Town Bikes + Vintage Bikes+ Road Bikes + Mountain Bikes + Kids’ Bikes + Tag-a-Longs and more. 
Visit the Bike Garage in Davis or Woodland to check out our inventory.

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Vintage Bikes

One-of-a-kind rare finds

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Retro Chic Bikes

Cycle Chic

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Kids Bikes

All sizes for all ages



All beautiful and ready for fun in the sun

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Road Bikes

Ride fast. Ride far–In style

New Helmets, Locks, and Lights for Sale

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Are You Bike Curious?  

Ask the Experts. Have bike questions? Call the expert. Maria Contreras is a Nationally Certified Cycling Instructor.


Get private bicycling coaching, ages 3-70. Maria can teach you to ride safely, select a bicycle and perform your own bike maintenance.


Bike Educational Videos – View all 13 videos here 


Ride Smart: Smart Cycling Videos by the League of American Bicyclists

Find a host of short and simple videos to learn bicycling basics, find answers to questions you may have about bicycling and tips for staying safe, comfortable and aware during your travels.

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Biking with Confidence

Signing up for this online course is easy

Follow directions below to sign up for FREE online course. Sign up at now!

Bike Clinics  

A great service for schools, apartment complexes, businesses, and organizations. 

The Bike Campaign offers Bike Clinics in Davis and in Woodland. These clinics will help you build your biking confidence. We’ll answer your questions, teach you how to ride safely in traffic, how to maintain and repair your bike, and give you a free 50-point bike inspection. We also provide helmets, locks, lights, and bike maps.

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Prevent Bike Theft

Register Your Bike—FREE!

We can help you in-person at the Bike Garage (see hours below), or register now online with City of Davis CLICK HERE

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