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Reduce car trips to school and workplaces while increasing biking joy and safety

The Bike Campaign, along with its counterpart, The Bike Garage, was founded in 2011 to help educate people about bicycling and encourage more people to ride their bikes. We work closely with city governments, county health departments, school districts, and community service groups.

The Bike Campaign and The Bike Garage are 501 c3 nonprofits.


Our Recent Accomplishments


  • Polar Bear Bike Ride 4th year: Small but hearty group of riders in Davis and Woodland.

  • New Davis Location at The Cannery.


  • Free Bike Clinic at Dingle Elementary.  Taught kids and parents how to ride a bike, repaired and adjusted bikes, gave 10 bikes away.

  • Free Bike Clinic at the Davis Food Co-op to celebrate Earth Day.

  • Donated 30 bikes to the Chavez Bike Swap and worked with 100+ parents/kids on bike adjustments, answering questions, providing information.


  • Installed $10,000 worth of new secure bike racks at Douglass Middle School in Woodland.

  • Grants received from a private family trust and Yolo Solano Air Quality Management.


  • LOOPALOOZA  recreated with higher participation.  Arranged for the donation of a new electric-assist bicycle from Ride1Up for the event grand drawing.

  • 1st WOW! Ride.  Introduction to Group Riding and Davis Tour.  Instruction/ Guides included from DBC club and Bike Garage volunteers.  Many riders joined. 

  • 2 days spent training all 2nd graders Bike Skills at Dingle Elementary, Woodland

  • 3 day bike tour to Etna, CA.


  • Added Tuesday 9 am Dixon ride to the DBC calendar – New WOW! riders attending. 

  • Gibson Elementary – Free Bike Clinic – Did repairs, worked with parents teaching kids how to ride, gave bikes away.

  • Trishaw delivered and Cycling Without Age program started.  150+ rides have been given to seniors/handicapped

  • A new action group started by Brett Lee to reduce bike theft by 50% by registering bikes on Bike Index.  ALL bikes are now being registered at the Bike Garage in Davis as well as
    at schools and other
    public events.





  • Free Bike Clinic held for 30 AYSO kids plus parents at Bike Garage, Sat. 1pm  

  • Ice Cream Ride held for 4th year.  Big lines at Nugget for free ice cream for Loop riders.


  • Received new fleet of 20” Cleary bikes – assembled by Bike Garage team.

  • Free Bike Clinic at Arbors Apartments – 50 UCD students served

  • Trishaw ride event at Rancho Yolo. 

  • Front Page Davis Enterprise article and a Daily Democrat article written about The Bike Campaign’s 10 year anniversary and then a 2nd article about the Trishaw written by the Enterprise,  followed by another article about the Trishaw written by Marion Frank for her column.

  • Provided Bike Registration to parents at Birch Lane School 2 days after school

  • Reorganized bike racks at Birch Lane School providing more bike parking. 

  • Participated in the Cool Davis Electric Vehicles event at the Pavillions, providing information and giving rides on the Trishaw and on Ride1Up! electric bikes.

  • Bike Skills Training at Birch Lane School, 2 days – training 4th, 5th, 6th graders who will be doing bicycle field trips once a month and encouraged to ride daily.

  • 1st Bike Maintenance Workshop at Bike Garage on a Saturday at 1pm

  • Zombie Bike Ride event – Biggest ever with 2000 riders and skydivers!



  • 2nd Bike Maintenance Workshop – plan to do two every fall and possibly spring

  • Bike Skills Training - Dingle Elementary, all 2nd graders, first time using new fleet, very successful. 6th graders many new riders. Decision made to buy a 2nd 26” fleet. 

  • Friday 1 pm Born to be Wild rides added to the DBC calendar – rides to Winters, Woodland, Dixon with visits to The Hive, Raptor Center, horse farm, etc.

  • Free Bike Clinic for 30 Girl Scouts and parents held at Bike Garage, Sat. 1 pm. 

  • A new fleet of 18 bikes was received and assembled by the Bike Garage volunteer team. Paid for by $5000 private family trust, $1000 from Sacramento Bike Hikers, and a balance of $2000 by The Bike Campaign.

Leadership Team

Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, all Bike Campaign and Bike Garage staff are volunteers. Every penny received is re-invested into our outreach and impact, not our overhead.


Maria Tebbutt

Founder of The Bike Campaign in 2011, life-long bike rider, and Nationally Certified Cycling Instructor.


Dave Joshel
Lead Mechanic
Davis Bike Garage

Dave is an avid road bike rider and Board Director of the Davis Bike Club. He has been a volunteer with our team since we did our first free bike clinic in a mall parking lot in 
Woodland in 2011.


Steve Drivon
Lead Mechanic
Woodland Bike Garage

Steve enjoys riding on recumbents and working on vintage bikes. He is the Lead Mechanic at the Bike Garage in Woodland and has been volunteering for over 10 years.


Jamaica Lambe
Woodland Bike 
Garage Manager

We are proud to have Jamaica’s amazing mechanical abilities and riding experience on our team.

20211113_105831 (1).jpg

Mark Tebbutt

Avid road bike rider and member of the Davis Bike Club. Accountant for our Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

By sign Anth.jpg

Anthony Palmere

Cycling Without Age Coordinator

Has piloted innumerous chat rides throughout Davis, CA


Aaron Wedra
Marketing Director

Chair of Davis' famous Zombie Bike Ride

Our Team

Just a Few of Our
Amazing Volunteers 


Andreas Olvera
Teen Volunteer Mechanic


Roy Murray
Volunteer Mechanic


John Hess
Volunteer Mechanic

Jack Berger
Volunteer Mechanic

david kr.png

David Krause 

Volunteer Mechanic 


Ron Purnell
Volunteer Mechanic


Henriette Bruun
Bike Skills Training

Schools Program


Rich Elmore
Volunteer Mechanic


LT Wang
Teen Intern

CA733094-F8A0-4700-AC19-4034A91F8091 (2).jpeg

Mary Elise Conzelmann
Volunteer Grant Writer 

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 2.47.23 PM.png

Woodland Location 

2 Bike Garage244A 46.jpg

Davis Location 

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