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Join our team of volunteers. No experience necessary. We need anyone who loves bikes, works on bikes, wants to be a Bike Buddy, or wants to help in any way. 

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• Donate money (one-time, monthly, or quarterly)
• Donate bikes
• Volunteer your time

Your donations support all of our programs that bring bike education and joy to our community!

Bikes and Equipment
WE NEED Bikes, helmets, locks, pumps 
HOW TO DONATEDrop donations off at the Bike Garage at either location during open hours. Additional drop-off locations/times or pick-up services ($10)Call 530-723-1125 for additional drop off location/ times or pick up service ($10)

  •  Cycling Without Age programs

  • Thousands of bike repairs

  •  Bike recycling: putting your used bikes back on the streets and out of the landfills

  • Best source for quality, used bikes at low prices 

  • Free Davis & Woodland Bike Maps

  • Free bike reflector installation

  • Free helmet-fitting and adjustments

  • Free Bike Index registration and support

  • Monthly bike-style newsletter

  • WOW! (Women on Wheels) instructors

  • Introduction to group riding and Davis bike tours

  • Bike maintenance workshops

  • "May is Bike Month" events

  • Bike Skills Training programs at local schools – including two-year fleets of custom-designed bikes

  • Four annual community bike rides:  Polar Bear, Loopalooza, Ice Cream, Zombie

  • Free bikes/repairs/helmets/education for families and students in need

  • Bike parking assessment and consulting

  • 365 days/year bike support by phone/email

  •  Thousands of hours of public education

  • City, School District, and UC Davis leadership bike rides

Your contributions support our programs: 

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