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Did You Know?Your AAA Coverage Provides Bicycle Tow-Service

AAA also provides disabled bicycle transportation service to all Membership levels. Bicycle coverage applies to the bicycle ridden by the Member at the time the bicycle becomes disabled. Benefits for bicycle service do NOT include:

  • Reimbursement for impounding ordered by the police or other authority due to a violation of a law or regulation.

  • Servicing bicycles located in areas deemed not safely passable, including bicycles located off normally traveled roads or streets.

  • Service to unattended bicycles.

  • Storage or repair costs.

  • Cost of providing alternate transportation.

  • Servicing due to bicycle rider’s fatigue and physical inability to continue, provided that exceptions may apply in instances of an injury resulting from an accident.

  • Rendering mechanical first aid or changing a flat tire.

  • Rendering service to break or cut a lock on a secured bicycle

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