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Davis Community Makes Walking / Biking a Top Priority Through Community Events

A Zombie Bike Ride testimonial from Austin Oney, Davis resident since 2022

On Sunday, October 30th my wife, both daughters and I celebrated our first weekend as Davis residents by participating in The Bike Campaign sponsored Zombie Ride. After enjoying some live music by the Noise Violation band, trying out some of Peter’s eclectic trikes and bikes, and being chased by 7 foot tall Zombies (one of which had my 4 year-old giggling after she pointed at me and stating, “Oh, look… Boyfriend!”) we stopped downtown for lunch. At one point during lunch my wife locked eye with me and expressed, “We’ve chosen the best place in the world to raise our children!” I smiled and nodded in agreement.

Later, we hopped back on our bikes headed towards our final destination of Community Park where we bumped into a few neighbors. As the flying zombies parachuted into the field and we clapped in awe of what we had just witnessed I couldn’t help but acknowledge that my family, and I felt welcomed and honored to be a part of a community that makes walking and biking safely a top priority and harness that power in community events!

-Austin Oney

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