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Big Day of Giving is coming on May 4

At The Bike Campaign, we promote biking as an alternative to car trips, educate the community on best bike riding practices , and celebrate the health and well-being benefits of biking. We’re participating in the Big Day of Giving on May 4, and with your support we will continue to grow our impact in the community.

Your donation of any amount will support our services including:

- The Bike Garage, offering free bike repairs, bike sales and education

- Cycling without Age, an inclusive bike that provides rides to seniors or individuals with


- Bike Skills Training Program, trainings at local schools

- Community bike rides, facilitated events encouraging residents to bike our beloved trails

How to give?

On Thursday, May 4, you can donate to The Bike Campaign by visiting . You can also schedule your gift in advance starting on April 20, just so you don’t forget. We appreciate your support!

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